First Level Default Search Extension

First Level Default Search is a state-of-the-art extension that will help to find anything you need in a click. 
It allows you to upgrade your default search easily. 
Enjoy fast and convenient search option and see more additional results for your requests. New horizons are about to be explored

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First Level Default Search helps you easily change default search engine to provide an exceptional custom search experience powered by Bing.

About First Level Default Search

By installing our extension you will be able to find a precise answer to any of your search query request fast and easy. Enjoy an exceptional custom search experience by changing your default search engine.

User-friendly approach is our top priority, that’s why our expert in-house team is always working on the improvements for the extension. Professional experience & hands-on attitude inside of the team are the key factors that helped First Level Default Search become one of the best online search extensions. We guarantee privacy protection and full satisfaction from the product.

How it works


Start by typing preferred search term into the Google Chrome Omnibox.


The First Level Default Search will provide excellent search results powered by Bing.


User-friendly design and convenience in use guarantee you high level experience.

Quick access:

Easy to install from corresponding browser extension stores

User-friendly UI:

Intuitive interface will make your experience unique and pleasant

First level search results:

Exceptional custom search experience provided by search engine

Blazing fast results:

Enjoy your search results in the blink of an eye